You'd Give Up Driving If You Found a Snake Like This Under Your Hood


Insert joke about changing a bad serpentine belt here...

Australia is known for its creepy crawlies, and this poor woman just added another piece of evidence for that reputation. In an effort to help her boyfriend who was out of town, she popped the hood on his car to locate the VIN, only to find two eyes and a forked tongue staring back at her.

Terrified, she called Richie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers in Queensland.

The video starts with Richie introducing himself and opening up the engine compartment to take a gander at what caused the original panicked house call.


Here in QLD checking your cars engine bay for the VIN number isn't as straight forward as you'd think. Follow these simple steps and you'll be sweet. 1. Lift the hood2. Scream3. Drop the hood back down 4. Run to your phone & call a snake catcher 5. Get him (or her) to remove the snake6. Get the snake catcher to read the VIN out to you as you won't be going in the engine bay again anytime soon. Lol. Well that's pretty much how Kate from Mooloolah handled her situation today. She gave me a call after she got the fright of her life after lifting the bonnet of her boyfriends car. This is actually a rather common occurrence and we only get called for the ones that are seen when someone has had a reason to lift the bonnet. Imagine how many car owners head off to work in the morning with a sneaky snake under the hood and don't even realise. Maybe we should make it mandatory to check under the hood before we drive our cars here in QLD? Just saying. Richie.

Posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cool weather brought the non-venomous carpet python onto the engine block seeking warmth, but also made it lethargic and docile enough for Richie to handle it with little chance of being bit.

Thankfully he was able to resolve the situation, but there's nothing like starting your day with six feet of reptilian terror!