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Winter Driving: Love It or Hate It?

Winter driving can be good and bad, where do you stand?

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For some of us, it’s just part of life. Every winter season, the days become shorter and the air colder, and sooner or later we’re dealing with winter driving.

It’s one of those distinct things that enters the psyche of drivers all over, even if it’s in southern states where “cold” and “winter” are relative terms.

Still, is it something you enjoy to any degree? I can say learning to drive in a Minnesota winter (which can be brutal, if you weren’t aware) was a pain in the butt at the time, but I was a teenager and able to laugh it off. A fishtail here and there was sort of fun.

Now I can look back and say those early years taught me how to handle winter driving, and now that I’m in the mild winter state of Texas, I can feel confident. Winter driving here can be a nightmare, and not because the road conditions are particularly bad. Here, it’s the other drivers you’ve got to watch out for…

So, what do you think? Is winter driving fun? Or just a seasonal pain in the butt?