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Why Electric Cars Won’t Save the Earth


Electric cars are becoming more and more popular by the day. 

Countries such as the UK, France, and the Netherlands are pushing to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the next few decades. Other countries, such as Germany and China, are considering similar legislation as well.

People seem to believe that moving towards electric cars will save the penguins and end world hunger or something. Apparently, gas is absolute evil, and electric cars are the only way we can stop pollution.

While it’s true that electric cars generate fewer emissions on the road than a gas or diesel car, it indirectly produces greater CO2 and other emissions due to electricity production.

This year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) published a report bearing statistics of 2015 energy production and usage. According to the IEA, a staggering 13,647 mtoe (equivalent to 11,630,000,000 kWh!) of energy was produced in 2015 worldwide.

Of this figure, only 4% comes from renewable resources, which totals up to 545.88 mtoe. The remaining 96% leaves 13,101.12 mtoe.

None of the remaining energy resources are renewable; they are all forms of fossil fuel or other non-renewable resources. These include coal, oil, natural gas, biofuel, and waste. Nuclear power is also included, though there is speculation as to whether or not it is renewable or not.

The use of these fuels for energy production causes a lot of pollution. In 2014, 32,294 megatons of carbon dioxide were produced worldwide due to energy production. Of this, 44.9% is due to coal, 34.6% from oil, 19.9% from natural gas, and the remainder includes industrial and municipal waste. 

If we continue to move toward eradicating petrol and diesel cars, you are merely reverting to using another fossil fuel; while the car itself produces little emissions, the production of its “fuel” does. If we all move to electric cars, at the very best, there will be no change in pollution.

At worst, we will see a dramatic spike in CO2 levels because of our increased reliance on our power grid. Electric cars are a scam; they don’t help the environment any different than your Corvette Z06 does.



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