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If Your Jeep Was Also a Jet Boat, It’d Look Exactly Like This

watercar panther

YouTube: WaterCar Amphibious Vehicle Manufacturer

A Jeep that can also go into the water?

That’s what the Watercar Panther is all about. Witness the Watercar Panther and how it can dominate all terrains.

Ever wish your Jeep could go into the water, too? Well, sell your Jeep and boat and grab yourself a Watercar Panther.

The Watercar Panther looks like a standard all-terrain land-based Jeep. While it works that way, it also transforms into a jet boat. It has a transfer case that can switch between wheels or jet propulsion. It switches in less than 15 seconds from road to water. Eat your heart out, James Bond.

The Watercar Panther can cruise over 40 MPH on water. Land speed is just over 55 MPH. If you have $155,000 lying around, this just might be your next toy.

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