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Video: Mercedes-Benz G63 Bulletproof Limo

Toronto-based INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has unveiled a $1.2 million Mercedes-Benz G63 SUV loaded to the brim with protection fit for royalty.

Fit for kings of nations or billion-dollar, net worth individuals, the 563 horsepower 5.5L V8 INKAS G63 comes with otherworldly armor, including bulletproof windows, reinforced door hinges, run-flat tires, and enough ammo stopping power with B7 rated ballistics protection, capable of taking blasts from two DM51 hand grenades.

On the technology side, it also comes equipped with an Apple TV-compatibility.  A 4K monitor and a suite of thermal and infrared security cameras also snap images of the perimeter and uploads them to a server, presumably for a rider’s security team to analyze.


However, arguably its greatest engineering feat is the fact overall weight is comparable to a standard G-Wagon.

?By all measures, we have successfully maintained a weight distribution almost identical to that of an un-stretched G-Wagon,? said Philip Daskal, INKA’s VP of sales. ?When coupled with our suspension and brake system upgrades, the vehicle handles, corners and brakes very similarly to a soft-skin G63.”

Now, what would happen if a third DM51 hand grenade were thrown at it?



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