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Travis Pastrana and Indian Motorcycles Are Recreating Evel Knievel Jumps


Motorsport star Travis Pastrana is on tap to recreate three of Evel Knievel's most famous stunts in a three-hour special on the History Channel on July 8.

Airing on July 8th, in partnership with Nitro Circus and Indian Motorcycle, Pastrana will attempt to replicate three of Knievel's jumps in 1968, 1973, and 1975 -  the Ceasar's Palace fountain jump, 52 crushed vehicles, and 16 Greyhound buses.

Pastrana's motorcycle of choice, an Indian Scout FTR750, is a similar model to Knievel's Triumph Bonneville T120.

Regrettably, Knievel's Ceasar's Palace jump ended in a near-fatal crash, resulting in 40 broken bones and a 30-day coma. 13 years later, a second stuntman,  the lesser-known Gary Wells, suffered the same fate before Robbie Knievel, Evel's son, nailed it on his first attempt.


"It was extremely important to use a motorcycle similar to the ones Evel jumped, "said Pastrana."The Indian Scout FTR 750 is just that, a modern-day evolution of the flat track motorcycles of the past. It has the power I need and handles well, but I'm only going to have a few days to get comfortable on it, not to mention I've never jumped a V-twin before. I've got my work cut out, but we're used to going big at Nitro Circus, so we'll make it happen."