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These 4 Videos Will Inspire Your Future Off-Roader

We’ve all got the makings of a future off-roader in our minds, and these will serve as motivation.

How many times have you woken up from one of those awesome dreams where you’re flying across dirt roads and through steep canyons in the off-road machine you built in your garage?

For us, it’s about once a week. And if we count day dreaming, it’s multiplied by ten.

As if you needed more inspiration, we wanted to gather four great videos that highlight how cool it is to hit the off-road trails, especially when it’s in a vehicle you created (or at least customized to your liking).

Sit back and enjoy these, but then get to work! An off-road car or truck won’t build itself, and there are usually some easy things (like new tires, shocks, and bumpers) that can get you headed in the right direction.

1. Jeeps Take on ‘Lion’s Back’

Moab, Utah is renowned as one of the best off-road spots in the country, but only the strong and experienced tackle the “Lion’s Back,” a narrow, gnarly, 350-foot tall, 65-degree incline. Even though it’s been off-limits to vehicles since it was officially closed in 2004, Jeep got special permission to take the trip once more. This is off-roading royalty.

2. Off-Road Suburban

This just goes to show that you don’t have to start with a hardcore, off-road-ready vehicle if you want to customize something you already own, or were going to get anyway. A Chevy Suburban wouldn’t normally be an off-road candidate, but after watching this, would you reconsider?

3. Cruisin’ in the FJ Cruiser

This one is cool: It’s an FJ Cruiser, known to be among off-roaders’ favorites, but it zooms in on an element of off-roading that not everyone thinks of. You can’t tear through every trail doing 40+ mph; instead, you’ll often have to take a meticulous, well-orchestrated angle to get over obstacles, like these muddy double steps eventually conquered by the FJ’s driver.

4. An Off-Roader’s Dream

We’re back in Moab, where the driver of this Toyota Tacoma gives us a great view of what a day off the road can look like when done right.

Now that you’re inspired, what will your off-road vehicle look like? Do you plan on going with a Jeep or FJ Cruiser, something that’s already tuned towards the dirt and mud? Or are you going the custom route, with a crazy idea hatching in your brain to turn your family’s SUV into an overlander?

In either case, the type of additions you make can help determine your success (and overall enjoyment) when it comes time to hit the trails.

Make smart choices, and then execute your dream…because it’s not worth it if you’re only doing it in your dreams.