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The WaterCar Panther Goes Up to 45 MPH in the Water

In this clip, watch the amphibious WaterCar Panther cruise on water and transition to land like magic. 

Calling itself the ?fastest amphibious vehicle in the world?, it hits up to 45 miles per hour on water and 55 miles per hour on land, using two propulsion systems with less than 15 seconds needed to transition between both surfaces.

The 'WaterCar' is not the average all-terrain vehicle

This car can outrace a boat in the water 😱

Posted by In The Know Innovation on Sunday, July 8, 2018

It even comes with an optional fire rescue version with its own hose, perfect for hosing down beachgoers lounging under umbrellas on the way in.

Started in 1999, WaterCar has managed to secure more than 20 patents, with each vehicle a custom build subject to different registration and licensing requirements than most vehicles, depending on region with no official recognition from transportation governing bodies NHTSA and DOT.