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The Custom Nissan Smokin’ Titan is the Ultimate Way to Tailgate

Images via Nissan

Forget the bonkers Nissan 370Zki from the Chicago Auto Show, the Smokin? Titan is the Nissan concept we want!

Pickup trucks and tailgating go hand in hand, and the Nissan Smokin? Titan shows how to take tailgating to the extreme. This truck has everything you need to cook your food from food storage to a built-in smoker? and there?s even a kitchen sink!

The highlight of this rig is the factory bed that was removed from the truck and transformed into a custom food-cooking trailer. The smoker is mounted on a slider for easy access, and the innovative Titan Boxes are utilized for dry and lockable storage compartments. When not in use, the smoker and its components are kept safe and secure under a steel tonneau cover.

Where the bed once was, the Smokin? Titan features a trio of food prep stations with a stove, wood cutting board and a 24×24 sink. In the cab, there?s a 50-quart refrigerator freezer and a spice rack? just don?t ask the chef for his spice recipe!

Based on a standard Nissan Titan XD King Cab, the Smokin? Titan was introduced at the 2018 Work Truck Show, which Nissan says is the largest work truck event in North America. If you?re looking to build a Smokin? Titan of your own, Nissan has a full list of the suppliers it used.



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