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The 10 Greatest Motorcycles Indian Ever Built

Wikimedia Commons

Indian Motorcycle is the first, and arguably the best, motorcycle manufacturer to come out of America.

Indian is well-known for their highly innovative, well engineered, state-of-the-art bikes.

They are very well built and are a worthy adversary to any of its competitors, from Harley-Davidson to Triumph and BMW.

Here are the top ten Indian Motorcycles.

It is staggering to see how Indian has evolved over the years. The 1901 Indian is little more than a bicycle with an engine. The Powerplus was the first Indian to feature the legendary flathead engines that Indian became infamous for.

In 1920, they released the Scout, which is arguably the best Indian ever built. Burt Munro, of Invercargill, New Zealand, set numerous land speed records on his modified Indian Scout motorcycle. In 1967, Munro set the record for the sub-1000 cc class, at 190.07 miles per hour on his 950 cc bike. This is the fastest speed ever recorded on an Indian motorcycle to date.

In 1922, Indian released the Chief, which was more of a cruiser than the sportier Scout.

In 1927, they released the Ace, which was Indian’s first bike to feature a four-cylinder engine.

In 1928, they released the 101 Scout, which was an updated, faster version of the Scout from 1920. In 1934, they released the Sport Scout, the ultimate incarnation of the Scout name.

In 1947, the ultimate version of the Chief was released, which was branded the Bonneville.

If you fast forward to the new millennia, Indian produces some of the best motorcycles on the road. Their cheapest option, the Scout Sixty, starts at just $8,999, making it a direct competitor to Harley Davidson’s budget offerings.

Indian Motorcycle is an American icon. They have built and continue to create some of the very best bikes in existence. Though they aren’t as popular today as they were yesterday, Indian Motorcycle is the greatest bike manufacturer in the United States.