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Tesla’s Electric Semi Make Their First Deliveries

Facebook/Tesla Semi & Pickup

Cue the Jerry Reed music!

Tesla made huge news last year when it introduced its electric semi-truck, and now this tractor trailer has already made its first delivery. Fittingly, its first haul was taking a load of batteries from Tesla?s Gigafactory in Nevada to the car plant in Fremont, California.

Far from the long haul that such a truck would be required to run, it was still a successful test that covered about 260 miles and taking a little over four hours. This is was only about half of the 500-mile range that Tesla promises its big rig will be capable of.

Elon Musk marked the occasion by posting a picture of the two trucks on social media preparing for their journey.

#Tesla #Semi #Trucks leaving for their first delivery of the #battery packs from #Gigafactory to Tesla car manufacturing facility in Fremont, California

Posted by Tesla Semi & Pickup Trucks on Saturday, March 10, 2018

Numerous companies have already placed orders for the EV semi-truck including Walmart, Pepsi and UPS. These trucks are expected to go into production next year with a cost of up to $200,000, but Tesla points out that these trucks could give fuel savings of equal value or more.

Initial specs include the ability to haul up to 80,000 pounds and hit speeds of up to 65 mph while climbing a five percent grade. More importantly, the trucks will offer the Tesla Autopilot system allowing the trucks to drive semi-autonomously.