Skycamp Turns Your SUV Into the Ultimate Tree Fort


Do you like camping but hate sleeping on the ground?

The Skycamp might do the trick. Learn all about this cool idea that turns your SUV into the ultimate camping tool.

Here's the video:

iKamper Skycamp

The durable, roof-mounted tent sets up in under a minute.

Posted by Rockets Are Cool on Saturday, December 17, 2016

So, you like camping but hate the thought of sleeping on the ground with spiders, snakes and skunks? Well, why not camp right on top of your SUV? Yes, you heard that right.


The Skycamp mounts on top of your vehicle and pops up into a tent. A ladder leads up to your lofty retreat away from all those ground-dwelling vermin that give you the creeps. This would be the perfect way to camp, especially in the south where poisonous snakes abound.

If you are looking for something useful and that is also quite offbeat, check out the Skycamp. You just might be glad you did.