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Roadshow Takes Faraday Future’s FF91 for a Spin

Faraday Future

Beleaguered electric car startup Faraday Future took its flagship FF91 out to the Transportation Research Cente in Ohio for a 3-day track run, courtesy of Roadshow.

With Roadshow editors in tow, a version of the FF91 called the Panda Express ran through a series of exercises, including a 3-minute, 155-mile per hour sprint, interspersed with two 75-mile-an-hour sprints to complete the test cycle.

In this exercise, engineers were looking to test its LG Chem battery pack capabilities to ensure consistency no matter the load.

In terms of progress towards its FF91 release, Faraday Future completed an additional round of funding estimated at roughly $2 billion investment firm Season Smart Ltd, translating to 45% of the company.

The funds will be used towards continued development and delivery of the FF91 with an expected release date this year.



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