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Porsche Plans 500 Fast Charging Stations in the U.S.

With two EVs debuting over the next two years, Porsche is making sure that its customers have access to fast-charging stations.

Taking a page right out of the Tesla playbook, Porsche is planning to offer a network of fast-charging stations to its customers. According to Automotive News, Porsche will have at least 500 fast chargers at dealerships and highway-accessible locations by the end of next year.

This network will consist of 800-volt chargers that will allow drivers to get an 80-percent battery charge in less than 20 minutes. This charge level is enough to provide for an estimated 250 miles of driving range.

Of these 500 locations, each of Porsche?s 189 dealerships will be expected to install the fast chargers on site. The dealership investment will likely come with a ?six-figure? price tag, and each dealer will have the option to charge customers for the fast charging or provide the service for free.

Either way, the chargers will require a battery buffer, which the article says is a cheaper setup than a charger that operates straight from the grid. Porsche has already installed six fast chargers at its headquarters in Atlanta at a cost of $1 million.

Porsche?s first EV is due out in 2019, and it will be based on the 2015 Mission E concept. The second will be a crossover-based vehicle inspired by the 2018 Mission E Cross Turismo concept, and it is expected to launch in 2020.

While both of these new models will be dedicated EVs, the report also indicates that Porsche could introduce EV versions of existing models like the Macan and Cayenne SUVs and the Panamera sedan/station wagon.