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Off-Road Vehicles Aren’t That Hard to Come By (Especially If You Create Your Own)

Contemplating an off-roader but struggling to find the right one?

Are you the one who checks the classifieds, Craigslist, and used auto lots for a vehicle that’s completely decked out with off-road accessories that you wouldn’t have to touch a thing to hit the trails?

If so, then you probably know that such a diamond is nearly possible to find in the vast mines of purchasable trucks and SUVs.

But here’s the good news: As long as you’re prepared for it and do a little extra work, there really is an easy way to get from that boring SUV your brother-in-law wants to sell you cheap to an off-road vehicle you can be proud of.

Go forward with these reminders, and any task can be taken on.

Almost Everything Can Be Replaced

Potential off-road vehicles should always start with the idea that it’s a nearly-blank slate. Get some great tires, jack it up a bit for more clearance, and consider some new shocks, and you’re already a few big steps closer to your ideal off-roader.

With that comes additional costs, so weigh that in on your price negotiations.

You Can Do the Work, or at Least Most of It

There may be some specialty tasks that need a licensed mechanic, but think about the easy things you can do yourself to better the qualifications for your truck or SUV to reach off-road status.

Changing tires to an upgraded set or installing a bed cover are the sorts of things that can go a long way in helping you bring more to the places you want to go.

Use Your Imagination

You’d be surprised at some of the projects that off-road enthusiasts have accomplished. Cars that were never intended for anything but paved streets can be reborn as true off-road adventure machines, and all it really takes is a creative mind and the will to make it happen.