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No, Fireworks and Cars Don’t Mix

One Ohio man?s fireworks celebration did not go the way he intended.

On the Fourth of July, fireworks appear to have been detonated inside a vehicle on Delphos Avenue in Dayton, promoting a bomb squad to investigate and evacuate homes in the area.

The car?s occupant, 38-year old Keshawn Rivers, was transferred to nearby Miami Valley hospital in critical condition, with one other person nearby suffering minor injuries.

?If it does turn out to be fireworks, fireworks are extremely dangerous they need to be handled with respect and professionalism. Every year there are multiple injuries in our region related to fireworks,? said Lieutenant Jason Hall.

The force of the explosion was so great, airbags deployed in a parked vehicle across the street. No word on whether the explosion was actually caused by fireworks, now awaiting lab analysis for confirmation.



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