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YETI’s Short Film Features a Man, a Chevy Truck, and the 100 People They Saved From a Hurricane

This Texas man known as Moose has been called an ?angel? and a ?godsend.?

When Hurricane Harvey made its second landfall in Texas back in August of 2017, local mechanic Brandon ?Moose? Johnson used a heavily modified 600-horsepower 1988 Chevrolet Silverado to help those in need. The quad-cab long bed truck was like a chariot from heaven for some who found themselves in quite the predicament.

YETI focused on Moose for one of their poignant short films which they recently posted on their YouTube channel.

?911 wasn?t answering the phone. No one was coming for our neighborhood,? said a neighbor.

?Folks are on social media simply begging for help,? a local newscaster exclaimed.

Brandon said it best.

?A truck can be fixed. You can?t replace a person.?


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