Man Takes Dying Chocolate Lab on One Last Epic Road Trip


It's news no one wants to hear. But these guys are making the best of it. 

To find out that your best buddy doesn't have too long is news that no pet owner wants to hear. But unfortunately, it's an inevitable reality we all have to face.

When Robert Kugler found out his nine-year-old chocolate Lab, Bella, had bone cancer they rushed into action, amputating one of her legs and hoping for the best.

Sadly, the cancer had spread and Bella doesn't have too much longer on this earth. The vets gave her three to six months to live.

Kugler is obviously heart-broken:


"This is one of the biggest connections I've ever had to another living being. I don't care that it's a dog."

So Kugler is doing something special with Bella and taking her all across the country on one last epic road trip.

Posted by Robert Kugler on Sunday, July 10, 2016

Since leaving Chicago in November, Bella has seen multiple metropolises from Detroit to Cleveland to Boston; she's been to Niagara Falls to tops of mountains to swimming in Florida. Next stops include Yellowstone and Yosemite.

"You come across a little gravel road and wonder, 'where does this go?' So you make the turn and find out," Kugler said.

Posted by Robert Kugler on Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kugler, a former Marine, is making this epic trek not only for Bella, but to "encourage others to get out and explore, inspire those with disabilities to continue to Love their lives and enjoy the moment, and of course, to simply enjoy each other's company."


But I'm sure Bella appreciates the adventures too.

Kugler is preparing himself for Bella's passing, but knows it won't be easy.

"Some days I'm completely prepared. I pictured her just swimming out to sea," he said. "But there's other days when I'm like, oh my God, I can't bear the thought of it."

Salisbury State Park Beach Jan 2, 2016

Posted by Robert Kugler on Sunday, July 10, 2016

But until the final moments, the duo plan to keep driving into the sunset and stick to their motto:


"Wag more; Bark less."

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All images via Robert Kugler/ Facebook