"RoadLifeTV" premieres on Amazon

We're Ready for "RoadLifeTV" on Amazon, Are You?


This month, Mack Trucks is debuting a new eight-part video documentary series, RoadLifeTV, on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon is getting in on the documentary game with a focused look at the life of a truck driver in the United States. RoadLifeTV shows the lives of different truck driving professionals and peels back the curtain of what it's like to work on the open road.

RoadLifeTV will provide an inside glimpse of life on the road by Mack drivers "stories of everyday men and women doing extraordinary things to keep the wheels turning and the world moving," with feature appearances by NASCAR icon Richard Petty and the Zac Brown Band. In all, 32 cities and 32,000 miles will be covered, with a secondary goal of encouraging more people to pursue careers as truck drivers.

"Every day, dedicated men and women make our communities better places to live, whether it's collecting trash, delivering product or building the roads and bridges that connect us all," said John Walsh, VP of marketing at Mack. "Their stories matter. They're the manifestation of what Mack has always stood for--no excuses, never giving up, keeping your word."


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