Faraday Future

Lawsuit Accuses Former Faraday Future CFO of Employee and Trade Theft


A new lawsuit by Faraday Future accuses former CFO Stefan Krause of stealing employees and trade secrets to bolster Evelozcity, a new electric vehicle startup.

The Verge has reported on a scandal that just keeps getting interesting. Stefan Krause is being sued by his former employer, Faraday Future, for sketchy employee swiping and secret stealing.

According to Central California District Court filings, the lawsuit also accuses specific employees of physically stealing trade secrets from Faraday Future's computers.

Other details claim that Krause's coercion occurred before he left the company, thus interfering with employee rights. The lawsuit alleges he secretly worked at Faraday and Evelozcity at the same time, thus constituting a "dereliction of duty."

In 2017, Krause, along with then-CTO Ulrich Kranz, departed Faraday Future to start Evelozcity after an internal dispute with co-founder and CEO Jia Yueting regarding the upcoming financial outlay, amongst other disagreements regarding fundraising and company principles.

Despite losing over a third of its employees in the past two years, Faraday Future still plans to release its first electric vehicle by the end of 2018.


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