Jeep Shines in Epic Winter Version of Mudding


Contrary to popular belief, Jeeps switch fairly well into the winter version of mudding. They can tackle the snow fairly well, too.

Watch this epic Jeep winter snow driving and discover the winter version of mudding.

I posted this video yesterday afternoon and it got hundreds of likes in 2 or three hours This jeep came up with a solid group of quality toyotas none of which were running less than 40 inch tires and this jeep showed them all up.Apparently this video was remove because who ever runs this group couldn't handle that.I could care less if this gets me removed from this group

Posted by Scott Monson on Friday, December 25, 2015

Jeeps are all about the off road. Sure, you can drive them around town and look really cool, but you really need to get them out off the roads. Here is where they shine where many other vehicles will become broken and stuck.


When the mud freezes over and the snow piles up, your trips are not over if you own a Jeep. This video proves they're quite fun plowing through snow, too. Don't have a Jeep yourself?

Send this video to your buddy who owns one and try to convince them to get out there and have some fun this winter.