Inside the Kiravan, a 'Swiss Army Knife on Wheels'


This monstrosity is being billed as the "ultimate exploration vehicle."

This experimental vehicle has an insane amount of technology and moving parts. We can pretty much guarantee you've never seen a vehicle like this before.

Cameras and thermal imagers? The Kiravan apparently has everything. You certainly can't accuse the creator for lack of imagination. He's definitely a dreamer.

Five years of development is crazy though, especially for it to have the problems it did in the video. It looks like they'll be working the kinks out for a while still. Still, you can't deny how awesome-looking the Kiravan is.


If all else fails, I assume they'll use this monstrosity as a showcase for technology and hardware at trade shows. Personally, I'd be too terrified to drive it out of fear of breaking something. A space shuttle probably has less buttons!

What do you think? Is the Kiravan the wave of the future when it comes to recreational and exploration vehicles? Or is simply an experiment gone wild with too many moving parts to ever be feasible?