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Hyundai Recalling 88,000 Vehicles Due to Fire Risk


The ABS module in 2006 Sonatas and 2006-2011 Azeras can short, resulting in a fire.

The issue that led to the Hyundai recall is due to a short circuit, the result of moisture entering the anti-lock brake module while the car is turned off.

Hyundai has advised that moisture building up over one to two weeks of disuse could result in a fire. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has documented just two instances of overheated ABS modules, neither of which caused a fire.

“This issue can only occur under a set of very rare and specific conditions when the car is off and stored for an extended period of time (1-2 weeks),” said Michael Stewart, senior group manager for Hyundai public relations. “There is no risk of the issue occurring while the car is being driven.”

Starting February 23, Hyundai will be notifying all existing owners, installing a relay to affected vehicles’ main fuse panel at no additional charge.

This recall is smaller than previous recalls by the South Korean auto giant. In recent years, there were 225,000 2001-2006 Santa Fe models recalled for failing coil springs, 133,075 2011 Sonatas recalled for leaking brake fluid, and a separate batch of 883,000 2011-2014 Sonatas recalled for a transmission issue.

For more information on the recall, affected Hyundai owners can call 800-633-5151, using recall number 172.


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