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Hyundai Nexo Level 4 Autonomous SUV Completes 118-Mile Journey


Hyundai’s electric fuel cell, Level 4 autonomous SUV, the Nexo, has completed a 118-mile journey on its own.

In the clip below, watch the Nexo navigate a 118-mile, 2-hour and 19-minute journey, starting in Seoul and ending in Pyeongchang, home of the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

The Nexo is shown performing automatic lane changes, driving in tunnels without GPS, navigating interchanges and toll gates, and passing other vehicles at high speeds. Its driver is seen taking notes on a paper pad, reading a magazine, and even texting as the car navigates on its own.

In driving automation, Level 4 autonomy is referred to as mostly ?mind off,? where most vehicle functions do not require driver attention. The vehicle will handle emergency situations and all immediate responses, navigate itself to a max speed, and operate on a level at which the driver is permitted to release all controls.

These factors only apply in limited circumstances, like traffic jams or pre-determined geo-fenced areas. The vehicle must be prepared to park itself should the driver not regain control once those factors are no longer at play.


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