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Hyliion “Hybridizing” The Tractor Trailer Industry


Find out what Hyliion is doing to shake things up in the auto industry.

Hyliion, a hybrid technology startup, has the semi-trailer industry in its crosshairs with its latest project, having just closed its second investment round, raising $21 million to bring it to market.

The secret sauce is a proprietary intelligence electric drive axle that provides regenerative braking power, capturing power upon slow down and reactivating it on an uphill trek.

With the technology, Hyliion claims an average of 30% in fuel savings per vehicle (with a variance between regional and long-haul trips), improved engine idling technology using an auxiliary power unit, and revised aerodynamics.

In the bigger picture, the company hopes to reduce the $150 billion spent by fleets annually (with an average of $29,000 per truck) and truck emissions by 2 percent. The technology is compatible with 6 million trailers.

Buoying Hyliion’s mission is a series of mandates imposed by the Obama Administration to reduce tractor-trailer emissions by 20 percent within the next year.

The long-term goal is to reduce emissions between 72 and 74 percent vs. 2005 levels by 2027.

As of now, Hyliion appears to be the only stand-alone system that can accommodate this level of reduction. It remains to be seen if new players try to address this increasingly vital space.