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How to Operate a Manual Transmission, Brought to You By Honda

The lost art of operating a manual transmission is not lost on Honda, with the release of a legendary instructional video.

In the clip below, titled ?How to Operate a Manual Transmission 101?, Honda and Acura Technical Publication Relations employee Zach Vlasuk conduct a master class on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ using an open track and tons of helpful aerial shots.

The entire tutorial is capably put together, with close up shots of foot-on-clutch, technical explanations in layman?s terms, and animated overlays with helpful tips on how to prevent the engine from stalling. Vlasuk does an exceptional job of explaining the connection between the spinning engine and transmission through the clutch, using RPMs and feel as basis points.

At the moment, roughly less than five percent of all vehicles sold in the United States are manual, with 40 percent of all models incorporating a manual option, including most of Honda?s lineup.