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Flash Floods Send 46 Vehicles From One Jeep Chrysler Dealership to Oblivion

Flash floods in Little Falls, New Jersey decimated one Jeep Chrysler dealership?s inventory, washing 42 cars into a nearby river.

In the clip below, watch a parade of cars meet their fate, surfing low tides into a pile of crunched metal by the Route 46 overpass, with one vehicle shown completely submerged under the flood waters.

Victims include Jeep Renegades and Compasses, complete with new car stickers.

On a side note, many Woodland Park and Little Falls neighbors blame the dealership for diverting floodwater towards their homes with the vehicle pile-up creating a makeshift dam that channeled waters in an opposite direction, with backing from Woodland Park major Keith Kazmark.

“There is no doubt that there was a wave created by the blockage of those vehicles under Route 46,? said Kazmark in a statement.



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