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eRoadArlanda: Sweden has a Road That Recharges Electric Trucks

Sweden has a Road That Recharges Electric Trucks

Sweden has a Road That Recharges Electric Trucks

Stockholm, Sweden, is now home to the world?s first car lane that charges electric trucks as they go with the help from eRoadArlanda.

A EV tech collaboration by Stockholm?s Arlanda airport and eRoadArlanda, a consortium of automakers and suppliers, the project comprises of a 1.2-mile-long integrated electric track that charges electric trucks equipped with a charging arm and magnetic sensor.

At the moment, the road services Stockholm airport and a logistics site, with charging occurring every 60 meters only in instances where a vehicle passes over it. Check out the video about eRoadArlanda below:

Charging Toward the Future

?The technology offers infinite range ? range anxiety disappears,? said Elways CEO Gunnar Ashland, in a statement earlier this year regarding eRoadArlanda. ?Electrified roads will allow smaller batteries and can make electric cars even cheaper than fossil fuel ones.?

Regarding the risk, the rail offers very little of it, with its electric current flowing six centimeters underneath the road with no electricity on the surface to zap feet and equipment.

As for next steps, the Swedish government is looking to lengthen the highway for eRoadArlanda, seeking collaborations with private companies to expand the project.

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