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Camper Remodeled into Drag Racer That Can Do a Wheelie

Here?s one refurbished camper that can pop a mean wheelie and do the quarter mile in ten seconds.

When you can pull a remodeling job on a retro camper like this guy you?ll be the one out doing wheelies, brake stands, and drag racing your buddies.

Since you?re not, pull up a seat and watch this guy.

Okay that?s a great idea and we want to know just how he did it! It?s not the first time somebody turned a wrench and juiced up a camper, but this looks like one of the most fun versions we?ve seen.

I don?t really think that it?s all that fast, but it?s faster than mine. Now I want to see one that rides right into the water, has the American flag flying off of it, and a fully stocked fridge because it?s almost summer so it?s the season to quit wasting time.