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Diesel Brothers: Don’t Be the Guy Who Parks in Front of the Diesel Pump

Diesel Dave of "Diesel Brothers"

Diesel Dave of “Diesel Brothers”

In this clip, watch Diesel Dave from Diesel Brothers bestow honor on a random diesel pump.

It’s the little things that just grind our gears as drivers. From getting upset due to traffic to someone cutting you off to the gas station pumps being shut down at the most inopportune time, there are so many things that can just set everything off. For Diesel Dave (dear God, his name) of Diesel Brothers (yes, this is a show), something that just kicks dust up his tailpipe is when someone parks in front of a diesel pump.

Co-star of the hit series Diesel Brothers on the Discovery Channel, the deeply religious Diesel Dave is one of the most respected diesel truck custom builders on the planet, with close to 1 million Instagram followers awaiting his gospel on family, farm life, and American muscle cars and trucks.

Watch as Dave takes matters into his own mitts by towing a Honda Accord the heck out of the way for diesel users. We can see why people are drawn to this bearded wonder’s chutzpah.

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