Cummins Shows Off Electric Semi Before Tesla


Semi trucks are going electric.

It isn't a surprise, given Tesla has been building mystique surrounding its electronic truck for some time. However, Cummins has beaten Tesla to the punch by releasing its idea for an electric semi.

The Aeos is a fully electric Urban Hauler Trailer, according to Cummins. As part of the its unveiling, Cummins released details on its state-of-the-art 140-kWh battery pack. This battery pack is lighter and denser, benefitting owners with faster charging times and improved range.

The current range for the electric hauler is 100 miles. This makes it ideal for hauls in metro areas. There are ways to expand this range by equipping the truck with additional battery packs or a range-extending generator.

Clean diesel engines


Along with the electric semi, Cummins released information on its latest technology designed to produce fewer emissions. Most prominent is the X12 and X15 lightweight diesel engines. Cummins touts both of these engines deliver superior fuel efficiency thanks to fuel system controls and advanced air handling.

Along with fewer emissions and improved efficiency, owners won't have to do as much maintenance on the engines. This is due to the Single Module Aftertreatement, which allows owners to have longer intervals between services, saving truck drivers money and time.

Natural gas engines

Another technology Cummins has been working on is Near-Zero natural gas engines. The near zero implies the engines give off little to no emissions. Along with a cleaner environmental footprint, owners won't sacrifice quality or power, as the natural gas engines are the performance equivalent of diesel options, according to Cummins.

It's clear from these developments, Cummins's focus is on developing cleaner solutions for its vehicle fleet. Most impressive from these developments is its all-electric semi, the Aeos, which the manufacturer plans to produce in 2019.