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Check Out the FUSO EarthCruiser 4X4 All-Terrain Expedition Vehicle

For on-road cruising, off-road camping, or no-road adventures, the EarthCruiser is up to the challenge.

EarthCruiser is an Australian company. They’ve built their eponymous all-terrain camper vehicle with a thorough consideration of everything from the ability to traverse the roughest terrain to extended living with a high degree of comfort and efficiency.

All systems proved reliable and true, firmly establishing the EarthCruiser as one of the premier reliable all-terrain motorhome expedition vehicles on the scene today.

The features and functional details of this outwardly simple looking vehicle are really pretty amazing. In addition to the ability to cook, bathe and live securely and entirely inside the vehicle for extended periods, the EarthCruiser is also designed to withstand harsh terrain and diverse weather conditions, as well as potential security issues.

The prototype vehicle was put through some tough in-the-field testing, crossing 700 kilometers of sand dunes in Western Australia, followed by a challenging “27,000km trip across Russia and Mongolia, which included two crossings of the notorious ?Road of Bones?, a swampy tundra track from Yakutsk to Magadan made famous by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in the [documentary series] ‘Long Way Round.'”

Water is, of course, an essential consideration for any on-road or off-road expedition. The EarthCruiser water system is noteworthy. The vehicles are equipped with up to 79-gallon fresh water reserve tanks. A 12V pumping system will enable you to draw water from individual tanks, allowing the use of tank 1 for cooking and other tasks, and tank 2 for showering.

The plumbing system also allows for a great deal of flexibility in how the water supply is managed, including the option to pump directly from a river or creek into either the internal or external shower, by passing both holding tanks – “an infinity shower!” There is also an onboard water purifier, ensuring that safe drinking water is available in remote locations.

EarthCruiser is also unique in that it is a full-sized expedition motorhome that can be containerised for international travel.

There are perhaps more “showy” luxury expedition vehicles on the market, but few that offer such a great combination of workhorse efficiency with comfort and luxury.



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