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Can You Guess the Hottest American Car Brand in Japan?

American cars are not very popular in Japan. But one is.

Japanese consumers are extremely loyal to their domestic brands.

The top nine best selling marques in Japan are all Japanese companies. Interestingly, there is only one American manufacturer in the top twenty best selling manufacturer list: Jeep.


That’s right, Jeep. The 20th best selling automotive marque in Japan is everybody’s favorite off-road-turned-urban adventure vehicle.

From January to August of this year, Jeep sold over 6,300 vehicles in Japan, according to JADA stats. Admittedly, that isn’t very much, but Chevrolet sold less than 400 vehicles in the same time period.

It’s clear Jeep holds the crown as favorite American car amongst Japanese buyers.


This begs the question, why do Japanese buyers like Jeeps so much? Unlike many American manufacturers, Jeep does things to make their models appeal to the Japanese buyer. Japanese market Jeeps are available in right-hand drive, with metric speedometers and a Japanese-language infotainment system.

Jeep has always been an American icon, and it is fantastic to see the company establish itself in foreign markets. It is not easy to conquer a foreign market, however, it seems as if Jeep is doing just that.



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