The Best Bumper Bling for a Jeep is a Dead Shark


Welcome to Western Australia where the people like their crocs salty and their dead shark tied to the bumpers of Jeeps.

There's a collective gasp coming from keyboard warriors on social media worldwide because of a video out of Perth, Western Australia. A successful shark angler connected with what appears to be a tiger shark.

Instead of cramming the giant into the cab of his Jeep Cherokee, he strapped it to the brush guard instead. That public display is what has drawn the indignation of Internet.

I love driving back home from the woods with a nice whitetail in the roof rack of my Jeep. I'm proud of my trophy and I want people to know that folks still hunt. This situation isn't much different. That shark needed to be transported, and since it was dead, its comfort was no longer a concern.


Are there more dignified ways of getting a shark home? Probably. But take a breath folks. The shark was dead. It stopped caring what was done to it way before this video was shot and really, isn't a set of gaping shark jaws a killer bumper ornament for a Jeep?

Also, if one more logical reason for this transportation is needed, he didn't want to leave the shark on the beach, dead, to attract other sharks to the shoreline at the risk of swimmers.