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The Hennessey Goliath Tops Our List of the Best 6×6 Trucks

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Nothing says heavy-duty like a 6×6 truck. These monstrous machines are the pinnacle of hauling and payload power and also get the job done in any off-road scenario. Some models are also more specifically designed for off-road journeys and overland expeditions.

When it comes to 6×6 trucks, it’s hard to pick a bad model. 6×6 trucks are generally considered a premium product, so they are consistently well-made vehicles. Of course, even among exceptional vehicles, certain models stand out. We?ll start out with our best-of-the-best favorite model and then give a few alternatives, as well.

The Hennessey Goliath 6×6 Truck

6×6 truck designers are always one-upping each other, and the most recent product of this healthy competition, the Hennessey Goliath, is an absolute beast. The first iteration was made for a wealthy potato farmer and auto enthusiast in Wisconsin, but 24 more units are now planned for production and sale. This modification of the Chevrolet Silverado by Hennessey Performance introduces several updates to the classic utility pickup, most noticeably an extra rear axle and rear suspension for greater hauling and off-road utility.

Hennessey makes several other improvements to accommodate this extra axle The bed needed to be longer, which also provides greater cargo capacity. Hennessey also added a lift kit for greater ground clearance and 20-inch wheels to match. For increased performance, Hennessey added a stainless-steel exhaust and cold air intake to the Chevy Silverado for an increased 450 hp. The roll bar is improved, as well.

The Hennessey Goliath is customized with a black and red interior to match the sleek exterior. The interior badges are also sure to leave an impression. You can purchase a Hennessey Goliath 6×6 for $345,000.

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Runner-up 6×6 Trucks

Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6 Truck

The Hennessey VelociRaptor, a Ford Raptor conversion, reigned supreme before the Goliath was introduced. It notably introduced Hennessey Performance?s 600 Twin Tuning Package to the Ford Raptor?s 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine.

G63 AMG Mercedes 6×6 Truck

AMG set the original benchmark for production model 6×6 truck conversions. In terms of off-road performance, it?s certainly in the running for best 6×6. This official Mercedes-Benz model adds almost 10 inches of ground clearance to the standard Mercedes G63. It also boasts the highest horsepower and most powerful engine on a production 6×6 truck, getting 544 hp out of the 5.5-liter V8 engine.

Arctic Trucks AT44 6×6 Truck

Arctic Trucks has a 6×6 truck designed for off-roading and overland travel, as well. The 3.0-liter diesel engine isn?t particularly fast, but its off-roading power is hard to match. If you recognize the Arctic Trucks brand, it?s probably because they are behind the Hilux Toyota conversion made for Top Gear?s overland arctic journey.

Kahn Design Flying Huntsman 6×6 Truck

If you?re a fan of the Land Rover Defender, you?ll love Kahn Design?s 6×6 conversion. The Land Rover defender is an outstanding off-road vehicle in its own right, and the 6×6 version takes it to the next level. There are tons of other improvements made in terms of both styling and performance, including a 6.2-liter V8 engine upgrade.


Each of these 6×6 trucks are outstanding models. If you are in the market (aka, if you’re swimming in cash), you can?t go really go wrong with any 6×6 model. However, if you?re looking for the pinnacle of 6×6 performance, the Hennessey Goliath is your best bet.

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