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What? Bears Are Driving Now?

reddit user everlonghesaid

Bear in a Lamborghini, need we say more?

A bear sighting in the big city is one thing, but a bear sighting as it cruises down a Huntington Beach street in a Lamborghini is completely different.

Onlookers were amazed as the Lamborghini drove down Main Street with a bear peering out the window, only to learn it was a stunt to promote the new JustinTime Pranks YouTube channel.

Originally captured by reddit user everlonghesaid, the image above spread like wildfire, and the scene literally stopped traffic due to passersby who couldn’t help but get a closer look.

That’s one way to avoid the hunters in the forest. What would your reaction be if you saw this on your city street?

A partnership between YouTube celebs Uncle John and Chuck Testa, the prank was set up to help launch the new YouTube channel, and of course, the bear was in fact stuffed.

Testa, known Internet-wide thanks to his taxidermy company and television commercials, provided the bear and the buzzworthiness took care of the rest. Of course a bear in a Lamborghini is going to attract attention.

Share this with your friends, and keep your eyes peeled. Who knows, a moose flying a plane or a duck on a motorcycle could be coming next.