About Us

Wide Open Roads is delivering authentic automotive news, information, and entertainment to the expansive online audience of car lovers, truck owners, ATV riders, and fans of just about anything with an engine that runs on wheels.

Built on a platform ideal for sharing engaging, interesting, and intriguing automotive info, Wide Open Roads is creating a team of contributors and editorial staff ready to bring you the kind of thing you've been looking for, whether it's a checklist for buying a new car or a top 10 list of Monster Truck videos. We hope we've got something for everyone, but drop us a line if you ever have suggestions or questions, we're always here to listen. Email us at [email protected]

Officially launched in August of 2017, the site gained notoriety and a loyal following thanks to the recognition of Polaris, it's presenting launch sponsor and exclusive off-road vehicle partner, and the reach of the Wide Open Media network. The Wide Open Media Group includes four other established sites with a web audience of 12 million monthly readers, and a reach of nearly 80 million Heartland consumers through numerous social pages and influencers.

Because Wide Open Media is an authority in the Heartland, Wide Open Roads is another logical step towards relaying that expertise and information to their followers.