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4 Trucks That Never Said Die

No matter which brand you are loyal to, it’s hard to hate on any of the following trucks.

Trucks are loved for their ability to take a hit and keep on ticking, but there are some that are better at doing this than others.

Here are four examples of pickup trucks that refused to die without a fight.

Crunched Chevy

Circle track racing and demolition derbies are fun and all, but you actually have to leave your house to enjoy it. This group of friends showed that with some property and a handful of cars, trucks and vans, you can have an evening’s worth of fun in your own backyard.

Many cars were harmed in the filming of this video, but the Chevrolet Silverado proves to be an indestructible beast that still runs and [somewhat] drives following the mayhem.

Flattened Ford

In September 2011, Kelleher Ford in Dauphin, Manitoba suffered a major fire destroying the entire dealership along with many cars and trucks in its inventory.

One such example is this Ford F-150 that was crushed as the building collapsed, but showing that it was “Built Ford Tough,” firefighters clearing the scene were able to start the truck up and drive it off the pile of rubble.

Totaled Toyota

For years, the Top Gear crew was known for causing vehicular mayhem, and in 2010 they set out to see what it would take to kill a Toyota Hilux.

The Hilux is renowned for being one of the toughest trucks sold around the globe, which makes the challenge ever more entertaining. It is a three-part video series, so check out the follow-up videos here and here.

Demolished Dodge

Can't kill a Cummins! 💪

Posted by TruckDaily on Thursday, July 6, 2017

It takes one heck of an impact to get a Dodge Ram to look like this, but the Cummins diesel under the hood fires right up making the tow truck driver’s life a little easier to clean up the scene. With debris scattered all over the field, this video shows that the truck is able to drive under its own power, although don’t ask us how the driver was able to see!