Photo by: Autobytel

Blizzard Season: 4 Easy-to-Pack Things You Should Have Always in Your Vehicle


Winter weather can happen instantly. A sudden snowstorm could result in dangerous road conditions, sidelining drivers for hours. To prepare for this situation, it's important to have these four things in your car.

Emergency kit

An automotive emergency kit includes jumper cables, hazard signs, flashlight, and other tools for simple repairs. Along with these items, it's important to pack a first-aid kit with any medications you or your passengers take that way if you become stranded you have access to the meds you need. Lastly, pack a small, foldable shovel with your kit. This becomes an invaluable tool should your car become stuck in the snow.


Hand crank phone charger

Your cell phone is your lifeline to the outside world, making it crucial to have enough juice to speak with highway patrol, first responders, and more. While having a traditional charger you plug into your car's USB or cigarette port is important, what happens if the vehicle's battery dies?

Accounting for this contingency, have a hand crank phone charger available. This ensures you'll keep your phone charged when you need it the most. You can find these chargers at Walmart, L.L. Bean, and Amazon.


Food and drinks

It's ideal to pack enough food and drinks to sustain you and your passengers for the possible hours you'll spend in your vehicle. On the food end, keep energy bars and nuts on hand. As for drinks, Popular Mechanics recommends energy drinks, as the electrolytes and sugars lower the drink's freezing point, ensuring you have liquid.



Staying warm is a cornerstone of survival in colder weather. Packing hand warmers and thicker blankets are an excellent alternative to using your car's heater the whole time you're stranded. For one, it's safer because it prevents exhaust from entering your vehicle's cabin, and two, you conserve your car's fuel and battery life.