3 Videos of People Destroying Cars With Their Bare Hands


Ever wanted to live vicariously through a person decimating a vehicle with crude kicks and bare-handed punches?

Here are three videos that will forever be engrained in your memory. You will never look at scrap heap vehicles the same again.

Fighter Takes on a Car

This parody video pits a ninja against an ancient red Camry lookalike, subjecting it to wild chops, 12-to-6 o'clock punches, ripped bumpers, and elbowed front hoods. One of his impressive feats of strength is bending and folding down its front hood and ripping the passenger door completely off of its hinges.

In the end, the vehicle looks like a scrap heap mess before it is set on fire.

Yikes, Crazy Man Gets After It


In this clip, a sandals-clad Russian man slaps off side mirrors, kicking passenger doors and windows, and stomping on a windshield and front hood in under ten seconds. It ends when he ducks open fire, finishing off with a wild stomp on the roof and snapped door hinge. Not bad for two minutes of work.

Video Games Brought to Real Life

In a scene from the Classic Street Fighter series, fighter Ryu obliterates a car in a bonus stage. That scene is reprised with Paul "The Kicking Machine" Wordsworth, who roundhouse kicks back windows and cracks lights with vicious feet fired at multiple angles.

Big shout out to the interior shots capturing broken glass flying towards the camera and its 5.1MM views to date.