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2018’s Worst States to Drive in Aren’t What You Think

If you?ve ever been to Houston, Austin, or Dallas-Fort Worth, you may think those are some of the worst cities to drive in the United States.

According to a new report ranking driving experiences in every state, Texas is actually the best state to drive in.

Turning their attention from credit analysis to traffic analysis, WalletHub, a Washington, D.C. credit reporting agency, analyzed 23 metrics related to driving a vehicle in each state.

These included road and bridge quality, fuel and repair facilities per capita, ?number of days with precipitation,? and overall driving safety, with the latter inclusive of collision fatality rates to the strictness of moving violations. Congestion isn’t everything.

Here are the bottom six states as reported by Wallethub.

50. Hawaii
49. Washington
48. Maryland
47. California
46. Connecticut
45. Alaska

Most of the highest-ranking states are in the Midwest, comprising three spots in the top five states to drive in.

5. North Carolina
4. Iowa
3. Nebraska
2. Kansas
1. Texas

Where does your state rank among the best and worst places to drive?

Shout out to Wallethub for sharing this interesting report.


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