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10 of the Most Extreme Vehicles Ever Built

These are the most extreme vehicles the web has ever seen.

In this YouTube clip, extreme all-terrain vehicles such as the Ghe-O Rescue and the ATV Shaman 8×8 rip through forest trails, shallow rivers, and other environments with vigor, crushing everything in their path.

Watch thruster modes, impossible ground clearance, and massive 8x8s running at unreal speeds in this compilation of the most extreme vehicles ever built.

Our pick for most impressive extreme vehicle in this top 10 goes to the Ripsaw EV2 (starts at 5:52 in the video).

Its one of the greatest dual tracked vehicles in the world, featuring up to 1500-horsepower, 16 inches of suspension, and its luxury interior giving it the undisputed title of the Bentley Bentayga of extreme vehicles.